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kybun – The Swiss air-cushion shoe

There’s nothing comfier!
The kybun shoe creates an unprecedented level of comfort as you walk and is unlike any other shoe. The kybun shoe allows you to experience the same level of comfort that you feel when using the kybun mat.

walk-on-air sole
The kybun shoe makes you feel like you are walking on a soft, springy air cushion. You will feel as light as a feather – a unique feel-good experience. The thrill you will feel from your very first step will only increase with time.

Foot sensor technology
The sole of the kybun shoe is the world’s first sole that allows feet to feel every detail of the floor. The soles of your feet will be gently stimulated with every step. This incredible innovation really comes into its own when you walk on gravel or cobblestones.

Foot climate system
The honeycomb air structure of kybun soles creates an air cushion between your foot and the ground, pumping a fifth of the air volume into your foot area with every step. This creates an extremely comfortable shoe climate.

Benefits and effects

  • Relieves the strain on joints and relaxes back muscles
  • Strengthens your foot, leg and core muscles
  • Increases calorie expenditure
  • Activates the leg and vein circulation
  • The soles of your feet are stimulated by ‘touching’ the ground

The kybun shoe is relaxing, helps you to get fit and is a lot of fun.

Opinions/customer testimonials

Agathe Willi, works in catering and service, Switzerland

Agathe Willi, works in catering and service, Switzerland

I can walk for 10 hours without my feet getting tired. Then it starts in other places, but not in your feet.

Pascal Wieser, CEO of Vögele Reisen AG, Switzerland

Pascal Wieser, CEO of Vögele Reisen AG, Switzerland

At first it felt spongy, though in a pleasant way. The shoes are soft but not wobbly. I find the air circulation around my feet very pleasant. It means I don't sweat. I don't always feel as at ease in rubber soles. I could never go round all day in trainers, even though they have a cushioning effect. But in these shoes it's not a problem.

Yvonne Heule, kybun World visitor from Switzerland

Yvonne Heule, kybun World visitor from Switzerland

How did you find out about kybun World? I first discovered kybun World at the RHEMA trade fair in Altstätten. I received a voucher when I visited the stand. How have you found the elastic springy feel of the kybun shoe? I almost exclusively wear kybun shoes now, because walking in these shoes is totally different to walking in shoes with conventional soles. What did you enjoy about the tour you went on at kybun World? It was very interesting to see how important a shoe like this can be to your well-being.