Do you suffer from tingling, burning or stinging sensations?

Toes falling asleep, tingling, numbness in the legs or feet

Sensory disturbances, such as numbness even to the point of losing one's feeling in the toes and fingertips on hands, legs and feet are often symptoms of certain disorders of the peripheral nervous system. Commonly, these conditions manifest themselves through symptoms in the limbs. The generic term for these diseases is known as polyneuropathy.

Frequent causes of neurapathy

The healthier alternative to insoles

Vein problems, varicose veins or heavy legs?

The kybun principle - proactive approach

Our online survey of over 10,000 participants shows the main causes of foot neuropathy problems and helps us to identify where kybun products can be used to help relieve symptoms.

8.3 % Vascular disease

12.3 % Diabetes

4.9 % Multiple Sclerosis

4.8 % Chemotherapy

22.9 % Incorrect footwear

46.7 % Unknown reason

The solution: kybun shoes & mats

Regular exercise with kybun products releases tension in the pelvis and back area, pressure on the feet is significantly reduced and this increased activity stimulates the metabolism.

The elastic springy sole of the kybun shoe promotes coordination and strengthens the whole body. In addition, the ground is more noticeable than in a conventional shoe, which gives you more confidence when walking.

Symptoms such as dizziness, impaired walking, poor co-ordination or balance can be effectively counteracted with kybun shoes and kybun mats. See for yourself!

This is how kybun products help to relieve your symptoms:

 Sitting less and standing actively. Relieves tension, activates blood and lymph circulation and reduces pressure on the sole of the foot.

Left: kybun shoe, right: normal shoe.
Left: kybun shoe, right: normal shoe.

The comparison on the foot pressure measuring plate - more even pressure distribution in the kybun shoe compared to the conventional shoe.

Relieves tension simply by walking, activates blood and lymph circulation and reduces pressure on the sole of the feet.

Important information about polyneuropathy.

In the case of pronounced sensitivity and coordination disorders, the kybun shoe with a high trampoline-effect may initially be too challenging, thereby heightening the risk of falling. If this is the case, the kybun shoe with a lower trampoline-effect is more suitable for getting started. On the kybun mat and in the kybun shoe, those affected can do the exercises with reduced intensity and, if necessary, hold on to a fixed object.

Opinions/customer testimonials

Margaret from England

Margaret from England

I can't recommend kybun shoes highly enough. I am now 76 and have been a long distance walker and country dancer for many years. In that time I have tried so many shoes and my kybun shoes are quite the best. They are so comfortable that I wear them all the time for walking, gardening, zumba dancing and housework.  They are as comfortable as the softest slippers and yet tough enough for a 10mile cross country walk. I also have a physiotherapist friend who is very impressed by the shoes shock absorbing  properties and the supportive fit which makes them ideal for ageing joints.

Hansruedi Widmer from Switzerland

Hansruedi Widmer from Switzerland

Anyone who would like to have that soft feeling when they walk, people who need to take care of their joints and anyone who has hip, knee or back problems. I highly recommend trying out these shoes.

Hansruedi Widmer from Switzerland

Hansruedi Widmer from Switzerland

I’m always hearing older people saying that they no longer play on hard courts. It’s just too hard and you need to compensate a lot as a result.

What is so special about kybun?

Swiss made Heel cushioning Elastic & springy Perfect pressure distribution
Long-lasting PU material Trampoline effect & instability Washable cover

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