Using shoes to get rid of calluses


Christine Weisskirchen works the night shift at a hospital. She suffered for a long time from thick calluses and open areas on her feet.

The formation of calluses is caused by many different factors. Wearing the wrong type of shoes plays a decisive role. This is because if the shoes do not fit properly, there is increased pressure on the skin. This results in calluses forming at the pressure points. Christine Weisskirchen was left almost unable to walk and stand due to intense pain. She tried a range of different shoes and had to throw them away after a short time. She struggled until she found the perfect solution in the air-cushion shoes. Since then, she has not had any leg or foot pain. Her calluses have also completely disappeared. Christine Weisskirchen now knows what shoes fit her feet and give her a sense of well-being. In this video she talks about her experience and how she got rid of her calluses.