Free of bunion pain without an operation


Even after walking just a few metres, Arthur Rusch was in so much pain that he didn’t want to walk another step.

The doctor advised the 70-year-old pensioner to have an operation. But Arthur Rusch was worried, as there was a risk that his toe might remain stiff after the operation. Of his own accord, he sought an alternative solution to reduce the pain, and decided to try out the Swiss air-cushion shoe from kybun. Right from the very first step, he was astonished at the effect of the shoe with its soft, elastic sole. Now Arthur Rusch can go about his day-to-day life pain-free again. All despite bunions, and without an operation. “I can take longer walks and hikes again. I’d never expected that. My discomfort has completely disappeared,” explains the happy pensioner, who lives near Lake Constance. He is telling his story in the hope that it will bring comfort to other bunion sufferers and make them aware of the kybun shoe.