The perfect shoe for prosthetic legs


On 11 September 1983, Jürgen Zeller, a former competitive athlete, lost both of his legs in a serious motorcycle accident. They were torn clean off.

In the aftermath of this misfortune, Zeller reclaimed his life with the help of prosthetic legs, which carry him through his day-to-day business. Even though his prosthetic legs are expensive, state-of-the-art models, up to now Zeller failed to feel connected to the ground. His footwear was always to blame. Recently, Zeller discovered the Swiss air-cushion kyBoot shoe. It’s soft, perfectly supports the rolling motion of your feet and keeps you from having to strike your heels against the ground as you walk. As such, it prevents prosthetic leg wearers from having to walk with a goose step, which normal shoes force them to do. Jürgen Zeller has found the perfect shoe for his prosthetic legs.