Why every winter athlete should wear kyBoot!

Snow sports exert tremendous force on the knees, feet and back.

Improved performance

It is important for winter sports athletes to train their joints and muscles throughout the year. kyBoot shoes help winter sports athletes to improve their performance, reduce their risk of injury and recover more quickly at every turn. The soft, springy Swiss air-cushion shoe helps winter sports athletes make significant improvements in three areas that are essential for success in skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing : strength, endurance and coordination. Wearing kyBoot shoes allows athletes to strengthen those neglected muscles – known as support muscles – that stabilise the musculoskeletal system. The best way to strengthen these muscles is by keeping your balance on an unstable device, which is precisely what you do with every step that you take in a pair of kyBoot shoes. The shoes strengthen the support muscles and improve intramuscular coordination, which is essential for enabling winter sports athletes to move safely and with agility. Furthermore, wearing kyBoot shoes burns calories, activates the metabolism and improves aerobic fitness.

Reduced risk of injury
Improving intramuscular coordination between the muscles that are close to the joints significantly reduces the risk of injury when skiing, snowboarding or cross country skiing . The stronger these muscles are, the more effectively they can react in dangerous situations. Walking in kyBoot shoes reduces the strain on ankles, knees and hip joints in particular, which not only alleviates existing complaints but also prevents the onset of new problems.
The Swiss air-cushion shoe plays an essential role in preventing injury by activating the entire body, which in turn prevents exhaustion and overexertion during training sessions.

Faster recuperation
Walking in kyBoot shoes improves blood circulation and the metabolism, which in turn helps the body remove waste materials more quickly. This allows athletes to recover more quickly after a day on the slopes. When standing and walking in kyBoot shoes, the body is extended and the core is upright. This is the perfect way to even out the forward-bending posture that is held by skiers, cross country skiers and snowboarders. As well as reducing the strain on the joints, this also gently stretches out the muscles, which prepares them more quickly for another day on the slopes.
The non-slip soles also provide a secure grip. The unique foot climate system ensures optimal moisture and temperature regulation. The air sole is also a particularly good insulator. This means that your feet always remain comfortably warm.

Will there be a kyBoot insole for ski boots?
No, this is unfortunately not possible, since the foot requires direct, firm contact with the ski boot, which in turn requires direct, firm contact with the ski. The foot must be able to direct and steer the ski. Skiing on a soft, elastic sole is therefore absolutely impossible.

Opinions/customer testimonials

Franz Heinzer, downhill world champion and Swiss ski coach, Brunnen, Switzerland

Franz Heinzer, downhill world champion and Swiss ski coach, Brunnen, Switzerland

I think that it is basically important to develop a firm basis; to try to get in a lot of training using various forms of exercise. And with kyBoots you can focus on more specific points and strengthen the muscles in your feet – your deep muscles – so I can do a lot to prevent problems.  Watch the video